The castle of Saint-Aubin : an oenological experience with house wine Prosper Maufoux

Traveling on the Burgundy Grands Crus route has been on my (long) list for many years. So, what a joy when i received an invitation to discover the castle of Saint-Aubin. Nestled in the heart of the Burgundy vineyards of the wine house Prosper Maufoux, the place houses the cellards of the house, 4 guest rooms and a gourmet restaurant.

Let me share with you the story of my 24 hours of this beautiful oenological parenthesis.

château de saint-aubin et son vignoble

The domain of Saint-Aubin in Burgundy

To begin with, it was after more than 100 years of existence, in 1970, the wine house Prosper Maufoux acquired the castle located in the heart of a historic vineyard in the village of Saint-Aubin. It took many years of renovations and major work to restore the 19th century building to its former splendor.

Thus, the house Prosper Maufaux now benefits from a real cocoon in the heart of Burgundy, offering a complete oenological experience to visitors and wine lovers.

Wine tastings in the Prosper Maufoux cellar, tours of the route des grands crus by bike, stay at the castle of Saint-Aubin, lunch and dinner in the restaurant from the “Prosper” estate… So many unique moments that make this place complete for an immersive wine experience in the heart of Burgundy.

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le château de saint-aubin

My experience at castle de Saint-Aubin in Burgundy

An exceptional meal at the Prosper restaurant

My stay in Saint-Aubin was punctuated by two delicious meals at the “Prosper” restaurant, nestled in the heart of the Clos a few meters from the Château de Saint-Aubin.

The idea behind the creation of this establishment was to create a gastronomic (and oenological) stopover for visitors who travel the route of the great wines of Burgundy. The restaurant’s cuisine has been entrusted to starred chef Edouard Mignot and Emilie Rey, pastry chef.

On the menu, 100% homemade cuisine with supplies from producers and artisans in Burgundy. As we are above all on a wine estate, the menu has been worked around the wine list of the maison Prosper Maufoux, in order to continue the oenological experience and sublimate their terroir. It evolves with the seasons but remains composed of dishes revisited from traditional Burgundian cuisine.

It was with the warmth of the sun and a few glasses from the Maison Prosper Maufoux that we were able to enjoy our meal on the outdoor terrace, ideal for enjoying the view of the vineyards while below the castle.

I found both meals (lunch and dinner) at the Prosper restaurant really excellent, with products and combinations of flavors that are out of the ordinary. A desire to mix traditions, terroir and originality that is felt on the plate. For me it was flawless from noon to evening !

terasse du restaurant prosper bourgogne
baba au rhum du restaurant prosper
salle intérieur du restaurant prosper château saint-aubin

Bike ride through the vineyards of the Prosper Maufoux house

After a hearty lunch, and taking advantage of the more than favorable weather for this early spring, we embarked on one of the experiences offered by the castle of Saint-Aubin : a walk in electric bike in the surrounding vineyards.

If at the beginning I was skeptical about the use of electric bikes (because I am a faithful follower of muscle bikes) I must say that we very quickly understand the interest. The walk of more than 3 hours allows us to crisscross the (hilly) coast of Beaune, thus traversing the most beautiful appellations of Burgundy and the Prosper Maufoux house thanks to the guided support provided by the estate.

According to our desires, we stop, we observe the vineyards as far as the eye can see, we get closer to the vines to contemplate the buds which timidly begin to emerge… We cross the vineyards that make up the estate Prosper Maufoux such as Chassagne-Montarchet, Saint-Aubin, Mersault and Puligny-Montarchet. And above all.. we taste the wine!

I found it really unique to be able to taste the wines independently in front of their plots…

Vélos éléctriques de la maison Prosper Maufoux
coffret de dégustation de vin
promenade à vélo à travers les vignes de bourgogne

Prosper Maufoux wine tasting

Back at the château after our walk through the vineyards, the rest of the experience awaited us: a tasting around the greatest wines of Prosper Maufoux.

We were supposed to do the tasting in the cellars of the château, but the temperature having already cooled down, we opted to do it upstairs, in the tasting room.

More than a simple tasting, it was a real moment of sharing that allowed us to learn more about the wines of the house Prosper Maufoux and discover their flagship appellations. We were able to practice professional tasting thanks to the valuable advice shared with us. Stage of a tasting, the choice of vocabulary to use, learning to analyze a wine… So many precious tips that we have discussed. I have also carefully kept the tasting notebook that was shared with us in order to try to practice once at home…

la cave à vin de Prosper Maufoux
dégustation de vin au château de Saint-Aubin

A night at the castle of Saint-Aubin

To end this stay in style, we had the chance to spend the night in one of the 4 newly renovated guest rooms in the house. Which I must admit is very practical after having (largely) enjoyed the wine tastings of the <strong>maison Prosper Maufoux during the day.

The room I stayed in is named “Les Criots”. This name echoes the region and the viticulture since it is a Burgundian word meaning “stony ground”. Contrary to its evocative name, the room is ultra comfortable, spacious (+40m2!!) and tastefully decorated. A set that manages to mix contemporary and authenticity so as not to denote with the building and keep a guest house spirit “like at home”.

décoration de la chambre de la chambre d'hôte de Saint-Aubin
salle de bain de la chambre d'hôte du château Saint-Aubin
salle de bain château saint-aubin
les vignes de la fenêtre du château de Saint-Aubin

Located on the second and last floor, the room was bathed in magnificent light and gave me the feeling of overlooking the castle, like a princess at the top of her dungeon. I dreamed of only one thing: to sit on the adjoining armchair and observe the magnificent view of nature and the surrounding vineyards.

When night falls on the estate and the last customers leave the restaurant, you can only appreciate the tranquility of the place and you inevitably feel privileged to be almost alone in this castle.

Even if we were extremely lucky with the weather, the Château swimming pool was not yet accessible at least in April. However, I dream of going back there to be able to bask on the shore after a long bike ride through the vineyards…

What to do around the castle of Saint-Aubin?

  • Visit the city of Beaune
  • Pursue the route of the great wines of Burgundy
  • Visit the city of gastronomy in Dijon
  • Visir the city of Dijon

Practical informations on the castle of Saint-Aubin

This article follows an invitation to the Château de Saint-Aubin to discover the estate and the oenological experiences offered by Maison Prosper Maufoux. I share my experience with you with transparency and this invitation does not affect my editorial freedom. Thank you to the Rouge Granit agency and the Maison Prosper Maufoux for this wonderful experience.

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